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AQUATICA- THE Water Park in Kolkata
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Aquatica water theme park is located at Kochpukur, near Rajarhat, 8 kms from Kestopur on V I P Road. It is at a distance of 6km from the  te famous amusement park-NiccoPark. It is based on the Mumbai’s famous water Kingdom.The park was inaugurated on 22nd July 2000. Since inauguration it has been a sought after place by the young generation of Kolkata.


It is a 8 acre water park with many water rides within its boundaries. An artificial river is seen flowing through the park, the water being cleaned every hour, so that it is crystal clear. The depth of the water level at any place in the park is not more than 5 feet and so even if you do not know swimming you can easily wade in the pool. 



                                                      Entrance                                                   Aqua Wave Pool                        Falls                                                                          


Some of the attractions of the Park:

Tower 1:  It is a 100 feet structure of convoluted tubes, with twists and blind turns which whisk your adrenaline as you pass through it and reach the ground.

Black Hole: It is a covered tube a great height which opens at the ground level. You feel as if you are passing through a covered tunnel which flows from the great height.

Tornado: It is a smaller version of Tower 1 with fewer turns and twists and more of inclines.

For all these you can either use a mat to slide or slide along the flowing water without the mats.

Aqua Wave Pool: Another striking attraction of the Aquatica is the Aqua Wave Pool. You can have the experience of sitting /standing on the seashore while entering the wave pool. The artificially created waves make it an experience to remember. You can enjoy the car rides around the pool.

Aqua Dance: It is a dance floor amidst the fountains springing from the dance floor. Any time of the day you will find people swaying to the pleasant music played at the background.

Courtrallam Falls: Yet another striking feature of Aquatica is the falls. You can have a refreshing bath in the falls where the water falls from a height of 35 feet from an artificial mountain. Here at the falls when the water touches your body you will feel as if boulders fall on your body. Yet it is refreshing.

Aqua Cafe: Within the park there is a restaurant called Aqua Cafe

Where in you can get mouth watering food. If you are a vegetarian you can satisfy your hunger by ordering rice, dal and veg curry.

Contact Number: 033-32007947

Landmark:     Near New Town Bus Terminus

Entrance Fees:  Adult: 200/person (weekdays)   250 ( holidays)

                        Children 150/child (weekdays)   175( holidays)

Timings:   10:00am to 6:30 pm

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